• RE: HT-ZF9 API and discovery process

    @grolschie glad to hear that it is working for you now. Don't know if anything has changed in the last firmware and have limited access to devices right now, but tested on SRS-ZR5 and HT-ZF9 and "urn:schemas-sony-com:service:ScalarWebAPI:1" works for me too (had to resend the query a few times to be sure to get a response). Feels like I get a better response rate now than before, think I only got it to work reliably with "ssdp:all" before, but that is just a feeling...

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  • RE: Arduino IDE Spresense manual exposure timing

    Hi @hintzc said

    I looked into this and it sees you're right about the arduino library missing the absolute exposure time set function.

    I have not found a project using manual exposure time but I looked into the Nuttx driver handling for the isx012 camera chip. Extracting information from the driver I added a function to the Camera driver:


    CamErr CameraClass::setAbsoluteExposure(uint32_t exposure_time_ms)
      return set_ext_ctrls(V4L2_CTRL_CLASS_CAMERA,


    CamErr setAbsoluteExposure(uint32_t exposure_time_ms);

    In the camera sketch you find under File->Examples->Camera

          Serial.println("call takePicture()");
          /*Following three lines are new*/
          Serial.println("Setting autoexp and absolut exp"); 
     CamImage img = theCamera.takePicture();

    Setting the exposure time to 1 gave me very dark images so and increasing it gave very light images so I it seems that this fix would do it for you.

    Karl Komierowski

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  • RE: Getting written permission from Sony

    @baker-anas no luck with the TV team, checking with some other legal teams if I can find a more general solution/responce...

    If I could I would gladly have given you a written permission my self but unfortunately that is out of my authority currently.

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  • RE: GPS Pulse Per Second

    Hi @NeilC

    Checking out the CXD5602GG_technical_manual shows that there are a few options for SPR_GNSS_1PPS_OUT signal.

    Looking at the schematic of the main board you can track the GNSS_1PPS_OUT signal from the CXD5602 chip on the main board out via the B2B connector to the extension board where it then ends up on something that looks like a test point called CL1. The CXD5602PWBEXT1_part_layout of the extension board will help you locating this point.

    Looking into CXD5247GF_technical_manual_02.pdf page 6 will give you and overview of the oscillator/xtal used as RTC source.

    CXD5602GG_technical_manual.pdf page 20 shows a table of Frequency tolerance for RTC clock in.

    The CXD5602_user_manual page 170 explains abit on the clock sources used for RTC.

    Hope these pointers will help you on your way. If not please let me know.


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  • RE: Getting written permission from Sony

    @baker-anas still haven't got a answer for you, still waiting for people to get back to me. Just a thought is to emphasize that you are only communicate with the API documented at the pro-bravia via local area network (LAN). Have no idea if it will help in this case. I know that the AppStore submission process can in some cases be a bit unclear and at some times frustrating... sometimes things just passes even if you expect them to not...

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  • RE: How to install bootloader for the first time?

    Hi @adamfeuer

    it would help a lot if you would provide the exact steps you did.
    But one issue that we have seen is that with some USB cables you can't flash at the highest baud rates.

    Have you seen this page: sdk setup


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  • RE: Getting written permission from Sony

    I'm not a lawyer and lawyer speech is not one of my skills, for the Audio Control API we hope we have it covered (and all examples should be OK to use, we are looking in to how to improve and clarify the current docuemntation), if there should be a problem we have the contacts to get the correct person that can authorize needed approvements and/or updates if needed.

    For the TV we are not currently working with that group and I'm currently trying to get in touch with someone how can give me an answer or at least redirect me to someone how can give me an answer of what to do or how to contact. But due to the current situation lot of people are working from home and it takes some time to get in touch with the right people.

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