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  • RE: mkspk and flash_writer for ARM

    Well done @slipperyseal !

    If you could create a hackster project and share your solution with the rest of the world I think many people would appreciate that since this question has been asked many times.

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  • RE: Spresense “audio_manager” assertion failed

    Hi @Vassily98 ,

    I think this question was also asked on Stackoverflow, but I will also post a copy of my answer here.
    If you try this and run into new problems, please let us know and we can continue to investigate.

    To analyze a stack dump the Spresense full SDK provide a tool where you can specify two files as arguments. One is your saved log file, and the other one is the system map file. Doing that you should be able to get the stack trace. If you have build your software with the Arduino IDE you should be able to find where your map file is located in the Arduino IDE log window. Go to File -> Preferences -> Settings -> Show verbose output during and select compilation and when you build your sketch you should be able to find where your build folder is. Normally this folder would be located in /tmp and look something like this:


    Fetch the full SDK from github:

    git clone --recursive

    Change directory to the SDK:

    $cd spresense/sdk
    spresense/sdk$ ./tools/ -h
    Usage: python ./tools/ <> <stackdump.log>

    Now just specify the location of your files:

    ./tools/ /tmp/arduino_build_724727/ dump.log
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  • RE: Using Arduino Code For Spresence

    Hi @timothythomas ,

    Great that you are trying out the Spresense board.

    To be able to give you assistance on this you would have to provide the source code that you tried to upload to the Spresense board. And also some sort of description of what you think goes wrong. Then we can take a look at it and see if we can reproduce it.

    Thank you, BR

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  • RE: mkspk and flash_writer for ARM

    @slipperyseal said in mkspk and flash_writer for ARM:

    I couldn't find the source for these on github. I was just hoping that I could find arm versions of these files.

    Hi @slipperyseal ,

    This question has come up before, people asking for source.

    The flash_writer source can actually be found here:

    But the mkspk will only be provided as a x86 binary for for now but in the future a version for the Raspberry Pi might be available too.


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  • RE: DAC usage

    Hi @the_mutt

    I use the Arduino IDE with Linux so my path are how it looks like for in Ubuntu. If you use an other OS you will have to find your installation path for that OS.

    For the DAC question:
    In the file:

    You will find how the PWM pins map to the regular GPIO pin names:
    #define PIN_PWM_0 PIN_D06
    #define PIN_PWM_1 PIN_D05
    #define PIN_PWM_2 PIN_D09
    #define PIN_PWM_3 PIN_D03

    This is for the standard Arduino compatible analog out case.

    If you want to output proper audio via the built in Class D amplifier you can use the audio library instead.

    You could in the Arduino IDE open the File menu and select an appropriate example sketch: E.g File->Examples->Audio->application->player
    should give you a hint on how to write data to the audio amplifier.

    @the_mutt said in DAC usage:

    I couldn't figure out which pins are used and it seems it is a PDM based DAC and not a traditional DAC that one would user for audio purposes. I'm synthesizing sound, so I'd like to be able to build the waveforms in real time and set the DAC at 44khz if pos

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