Suggestion for future versions of Sony Audio Control API

  • My suggestion: The ability to display a custom message on the front panel LCD display of AVRs and/or the output to the TV, for a custom length of time.

    Examples of use:

    1. When using the built-in Chromecast Audio device on the STR-DN1080, it would be nice to able to display a custom on-screen message saying that the Chromecast device is currently downloading the app, and another message when the app is ready to receive casts.

    2. To be able to display custom text on the front of the receiver instead of just "Casting" would allow the users to see what's going on with a stream without having the TV turned on.

    3. When soundfields cannot be selected on certain inputs. A custom on-screen message explaining the problem would be good.

    I realise that all these could just be displayed on the screen of our phone/tablet/pc apps, but I'll make the suggestion anyway. Thanks for reading.

  • DeveloperWorld

    Thanks four your feedback, will relay it to the engineering team.