Other image sensors?

  • I want to build a camera for astronomy use, so sensitivity is of paramount importance. I would like to use a monochrome image sensor such as IMX178 or IMX426.
    Where can I get detailed datasheets for those sensors, showing pinouts, electrical specs, and application info?
    Are there any camera boards containing either of those sensors, or similar? Where can I get them? If they are plug compatible with the Spresence kit, that would be ideal, but I'm willing to consider rewiring connectors and so on if necessary.
    Are there any distributors that could sell small quantities of those sensors?

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    Hi @JanKok

    I don't know much about the sensors you have mentioned. But Framos is a reseller of Sonys imaging sensors.
    They will most probably be able to assist you: https://www.framos.com/en/

    Please keep in mind that Spresense uses a CMOS parallel interface to connect the camera to keep the power consumption as low as possible.


  • Hi @JanKok (and @TE-KarlKomierowski)

    Let me know if you advance in your quest, I am also checking out some Framos / Basler Ag solutions (a different use). I didn't find yet standard connectors for MIPI or others to 8 bit parallel. Hirose is the company to look for the connectors (as far as I checked, they don't have converters, only the ends)

    Have a great day. I will be watching this post!

  • Hi again @JanKok , check this out:

    Toshiba TC358746AXBG / TC358748XBG, I think it can handle 8 bits and the voltage is 1.8v maybe it could open a few doors for you.


  • @TE-KarlKomierowski I joyfully bought the Spresence kit partly because it is open source, open hardware. But I'm disappointed that it is so difficult to get detailed datasheets for Sony image sensors without signing an NDA. I don't want to worry about violating an NDA if I release hardware designs (e.g. an image sensor board) or code (e.g. driver for the image sensor) as open source. And I really don't see what is accomplished by keeping datasheets for released products confidential. Once a product is released, anyone can reverse engineer the pinouts, voltage levels, measure sensitivity, compare with competing products, etc.

    Whoever came up with the idea of the open source open hardware Spresence kit - I applaud them. And I wonder if we can prevail upon them to encourage the image sensor division to make their detailed datasheets for released products easily accessible from the company website? For example, at https://www.sony-semicon.co.jp/e/products/IS/industry/product.html

    I did manage to find ONE detailed, preliminary, non-confidential datasheet, for the IMX290LQR-C, at https://static6.arrow.com/aropdfconversion/c0c7efde6571c768020a72f59b226308b9669e45/sony_imx290lqr-c_datasheet.pdf . That's incredibly helpful, and if I can find someone to sell me a few of those sensors, I'll try to produce a camera board with that sensor that is compatible with the Spresence kit. And make it open hardware so anyone can make them, and maybe sell a few for a reasonable price if anyone wants them. Having an IMX290 camera board available would make it easier for other developers to use that sensor - which would benefit Sony. So there is a reason why datasheets should be made freely available!

    Really, I'd prefer to use the monochrome IMX290LLR, and I'd also like to compare and consider the IMX430LLJ and IMX433LLJ sensors as well. Could I get detailed datasheets for those 3 sensors?

  • Hello....The OmniVision OV48C is a 48MP picture sensor with enormous 1.2-micron pixel size. This makes it atypically huge as the various 48MP picture sensors have a 0.8-micron pixel size. The higher pixel size is on the grounds that the sensor is truly greater. It has a 1/1.3″ sensor size, while the IMX586 and the Samsung GM1/GM2 have a 1/2″ sensor size.