HT-ZF9 API and discovery process

  • Hi @david. The weirdest thing. Using "ST:" is now strangely working for me!!!??? I have no idea why! My original search string works (posted back on StackOverflow)!

    I'm wondering if the most recent firmware update for the STR-DN1080 changed something. I'm reluctant to roll out the corrected code in case it actually did and some users haven't updated their firmware. The release notes didn't mention anything.

    Failing that, a library update at my end or something...

  • @grolschie glad to hear that it is working for you now. Don't know if anything has changed in the last firmware and have limited access to devices right now, but tested on SRS-ZR5 and HT-ZF9 and "urn:schemas-sony-com:service:ScalarWebAPI:1" works for me too (had to resend the query a few times to be sure to get a response). Feels like I get a better response rate now than before, think I only got it to work reliably with "ssdp:all" before, but that is just a feeling...

  • @david thanks. Sometimes with UDP you may need to send 2 packets in quick succession, because delivery is not guaranteed. That's what I'm doing (I wasn't previously). Also I'm now sending on a different thread to listening for the reply. In doing so, now the socket starts listening for a reply before the first packet gets sent. So no replies should be missed.

  • @david You'll never believe this. But today it's not working again! I give up. Back to ssdp:all.
    ...or maybe not.

    Interestingly, if you replace "ssdp" with any word you get even better results than ssdp:all (i.e. less devices responding), e.g. "ST: blah:all\r\n". And the Sony STR-DN1080's DIAL service does respond to this. LOL! This makes processing the results a lot quicker, especially if you have a lot of devices responding to ssdp:all and you are querying every device's device-desc.xml file for the model name. This might help someone.

    Edit: actually ST: urn:dial-multiscreen-org:device:dial:1 might be safer.