LTE modem support in spresense

  • Dear all,

    I am soon going to dive into the LTE modem world. My objective is to get a LTE 4G modem get up and running with Spresense. Before I dive into it, I would like to know if there has been any work done in this area and I can then take it from there. I was browsing the code for traces of LTE and came across this:


    Apparently there is the altcom (driver?) already there in the spresense sdk. Is this to do with Altera modem? The reason I ask is because the requirement says we cannot use Altera modem for reasons specific to the project we are carrying out.

    I would highly appreciate any lead on this and will also update any information I can gather on this in coming days.

    Thanks and regards,

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    Hi @vivekbhadra

    Can you have a look at:
    Arduino LTE
    SDK LTE tutorial

    I know this is in Japanese and there is nothing in English yet. But hopefully if you use a online translate tool you should be able to get a few pointers that will help you.


  • Hi @TE-KarlKomierowski thanks again, didn't notice this until today, will havea look ASAP and get back on this. Thanks again. Cheers, Vivek

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