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  • I have good idea for my application but I want move cursor on my tv and I can't find information how do it.
    Application 'Video & TV SlideView' have function which allow move cursor on the screen, but I don't see in documentation about this feature.
    Can somebody help me? Meybe somebody know something aboit this and can share information about this api.

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    Hi @Damian The cursor can not be moved via the Audio Control API. I think the apps that are doing it is using the IR key codes (the IR codes the remote is using) sent via WiFi. I don't have any info about how this is done or what the IR codes are.

  • I sorry It is the wrong category. I think that this topic should be moved to 'General Sony related developer discussions'. Please somebody move this topic to correct category.
    This application is from Sony and is available in Google Play Store. By using this application I can move cursor over wifi, tv using on a difference port than work rest api.
    If someone can pass this information on to those who deal with the documentation, please send a request for access to a wider documentation on this functionality

    Thanks, Damian

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