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  • Hello, I've developed the sony addon for openHAB (implements simpleip, dial, ircc and rest apis for sony devices). I've got pretty much everything working with ONE exception. Encryption as documented in

    I've tried to implement this numerous times and in different ways but I ALWAYS get the 40002 Encryption Failed message back from the server (when trying to simply do a getTextForm(). What the documentation is very light on is the AES key generation (do I use IV?) and what exactly get's encrypted by the RSA key and sent back to the server (does it include the IV? is it base64 encoded {I assume it is}?).

    Is it possible to get a step by step guide, psuedo code or maybe just a quick code demonstration (don't care about what language)? Any help would be appreciated..


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    @tmrobert8 Sorry I can't help you, don't have any experience with the encryption module and I only have access to the Audio products and they don't use the encryption.

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