Suggested updates to Audio Control API documentation

  • Hi @david

    Could you please arrange for the API docs to include all the "soundField" parameters for the "setSoundSettings" method for the STR-DN1080 please? i.e. "autoFormatDecoding", "neuralX", "pureDirect", "dolbySurround", etc, and any that I've missed, please. These are not listed. Thanks in advance.

    Additionally, under setSoundSettings, the values "proLogicIIMusic", "proLogicIIxMusic", "neo6Music", "jazz", "live", "stadium", "sports" (and maybe "portableAudio") should be listed under "soundFieldMusic" target, which is missing from the docs, instead of "soundField" target.

    Also, under "soundFieldMusic", the following "concertHallA", "concertHallB", "concertHallC" should be "concertHalla", "concertHallb", "concertHallc". I'm trying to support the STR-DN1060, and my STR-DN1080 responds to the latter but not the former (even though all the 1080 does is show text on screen).

    EDIT: forget the "soundFieldMusic" target. The STR-DN1080 accepts this (for backwards compatibility most likely), but it's wrong in the 1080! The 1060 only accepts these parameters using the "soundField" target. So the docs are ok there, except that "concertHalla", "concertHallb" and "concertHallc" are the actual parameters supported by the STR-DN1060.

    Finally, "soundFieldMovie" is spelled incorrectly as "soundFiedlMovie" 5 times on the documentation page.

  • Another gripe. After querying a STR-DN1060, I discover that Network Standby is available on it via the API, however it is called "Remote Start" in the receiver. Yet with the STR-DN1080, Wake On LAN is labelled "Remote Start" in the receiver, and Network Standby is labelled "Network Standby". But both receivers list "Network Standby" as "quickStartMode" in the API.

    .... As if things weren't confusing enough for owners.