getPlayingContentInfo v1.2 on STR-DN1080

  • When playing audio using the built-in Chromecast Audio device, this command reports that playback state is "STOPPED". Here is the reply:

      "id": 8,
      "result": [
            "applicationName": "",
            "output": "extOutput:zone?zone=1",
            "parentUri": "",
            "source": "cast:audio",
            "stateInfo": {
              "state": "STOPPED",
              "supplement": ""
            "uri": "cast:audio?applicationId=-1"

    Is this a known issue?

  • DeveloperWorld

    Yes, and according to the documentation the "stateInfo" and "parentUri" should not be in the response, but there should be a field "title" then the "source" is "cast:audio".

  • Ah. Thanks. Hopefully this is on the engineers' to-do-list. 😃