getStorageList (v1.1 or v1.2)

  • When I execute getStorageList (either version) - it always returns back with nothing mounted even though something is. Note: this occurs on both a STR-DN1080 and an HT-NT5...

    Event (from inserting a USB into the front USB):


    Later Request (USB is still mounted and in fact, playing):


    Result (shows it's unmounted even though it is):


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    The info I got is that USB handling via the AudioControl API is on it's way to be phased out, the recommended way to access the USB is via DLNA. From my own testing the storage handling via the API is confusing at best and feels very random at times.

  • Thanks - although could you communicate to the powers to be that DLNA is missing the thing that was important here with the storage event/API: detecting when something is mounted/unmounted.

    What I was looking for was the ability to create a rule that "when storage is mounted, play first content on it". As far as I know, we can't do that with DLNA (correct me if I'm wrong)...

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    @tmrobert8 Good point about the notification about mounted device. Will put that on the list as improvements, it will probably be that to play the media the DLNA will be the recommendation for now.

  • BTW - interestingly the blurays that I have access do handle storage list correctly (getStorageList returns the correct results for a few of the fields). Seems like the soundbars/AVRs do not (although the events are correct for them)..

    Note that none of them seem to set a few of the fields correctly however (like the number [space] fields)...

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