ASMP Spresense: Timing in worker CPU

  • Hey guys could you help me on a question? I'm currently working on my multicore application, and all is working fine, I'm able to allocate 1, 2 or all cpus if I want to offload processing, but since I need some real time constraints on cpu workers, how could I obtain a worker cpu clock rate? Since they're ARM CM4F, are they equiped each one with a Systick, it is just for confirmation. If not there are another way to perform some tight temporization on worker CPU?

    For those looking code, see the current firmware repo compatible with spresense sdk structure:

    best, Felipe.

  • DeveloperWorld

    Hi Felipe,
    Each CPU runs on the same clock rate, so cxd56_get_cpu_baseclk() is useful for this purpose. It is placed at sdk/bsp/src/cxd56_clock.c. Each CPU has own SYSTICK.
    Best regards,
    Kamil Tomaszewski

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