BDV-N9200W No Volume?

  • I have a user with a BDV-N9200W - not really sure if you count this as an audio device or not so I'm not sure if it's something I can ask here.

    Seems like the audio service on this device ONLY offers the sound settings (set/getSoundSetting) and no volume methods at all. Is that a mistake or am I missing something?

  • @tmrobert8 said in BDV-N9200W No Volume?:


    A long shot perhaps, but you could possibly ask the user if they would be willing to send the getMethodTypes JSON command to their unit via an application like Insomnia and email you the response? The command ideally would be sent to each of the "system", "audio", "avContent", library URLs.

    @david, could getMethodTypes be added to the documentation please?

  • @grolschie the application already does all that (and more) and I can confirm that the audio service only implements the get/setSoundSettings. Here's the dump from the audio service:

    [["getMethodTypes",["string"],["string","string*","string*","string"],"1.0"],["getSoundSettings",["{\"target\":\"string\"}"],["{\"target\":\"string\", \"currentValue\":\"string\", \"candidate\":\"Candidate[]\"}*"],"1.0"],["getVersions",[],["string*"],"1.0"],["setSoundSettings",["{\"target\":\"string\", \"value\":\"string\"}"],[],"1.0"]]

  • DeveloperWorld

    Found some documentation for the BDV-N9200W / BDV-N7200W / BDV-N5200W / BDV-NF7220 and the functionality is really limited, and while digging it looks like product released in 2013 is the oldest ones supporting any form of this API and the first versions is very limited (controlling volume is in the next version of the API).

    getMethodTypes (v1.0)
    getVersions (v1.0)
    getServiceProtocols (v1.0)
    getSoundSettings (v1.0)
    setSoundSettings (v1.0)
    getInterfaceInformation (v1.0)
    getNetworkSettings (v1.0)
    getSettingsTree (v1.0)
    getPowerStatus (v1.1)
    setPowerStatus (v1.1)
    getIlluminationSettings (v1.0)
    setIlluminationSettings (v1.0)

  • Thanks @david - that agrees with what I'm seeing as well and it looks like I'm properly handling this device (even the illumation service). Told them to use IRCC/DIAL services for this device instead of scalar (and/or mix in the scalar so that it supports all the settings).

    Side Note - can I ask you two other questions?

    1. Do you have any documentation on IrCommandProxy service (not really audio eh)? I've seen this alot but it doesn't respond to any of the attempts I've made at using it - assuming it's a post only service to post IRCC commands but am not sure since I can't seem to get it to work.
    2. Likewise, how do you issue IRCC commands to the HT-NT5? Doesn't have an IRCC service (could it be the IrcCommandProxy in the previous question)?

  • DeveloperWorld

    Sorry don't have any documentation about the IRCC more than what is here

  • @david thanks - already implement all that. The IrCommandProxy is actually a rest/scalar service that I can't figure out.

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