Capture video from spresense camera board using arduino

  • HI,

    I'm new to spresense. I could able to run sample applications (hello world using nuttx) and sample Camera and led blink and other apps on spresense using arduino.

    Now, i'm trying to create an app in arduino to capture video and save it onto SD Card. Already tried the camera app where images are stored on SD card. Now, instead of images, i want to capture video. Not sure how to do that.

    CamErr CameraClass::startStreaming ( bool enable,
    camera_cb_t cb = NULL

    The above API will store the video images onto 'camera_cb_t' which is nothing but CamImage class. But, CamImage class don't have any methods to retrieve video.

    I need help in capturing video using arduino and spresense API. Any help in this regard in highly appreciated.

    Thanks very much in advance,

  • DeveloperWorld

    Hi @raghulax

    There is no direct library to store the captured video stream to a (compressed) video file on the SD card.

    There is one project that streams video data from Spresense to a PC. Maybe this might give you inspiration:

    Otherwise you would have to either find a suitable library that can create a video for you or write something by your self.