Is 64bits now required for development in windows?

  • Hello all,
    After problems with flashing the bootloader for the first use,
    I found out that the spresense-tools for windows (flash_writer.exe and mkspk.exe)
    where not compatable with my 32bit windows 10 os.
    When I tried the older libraries, the highest working version was 1.2.0 .
    Has anybody noticed this, or have a solution, workaround here for.
    Or is a 64bit os now required for all platforms?

    I found no such information in the spresense documentation,
    nor any other post about this.

    As both my computers are still 32bits machines,
    this would be a problem for me...

    Thanks in advance for any replies,

  • DeveloperWorld

    Hi @petrokikundi

    I have forwarded your question to people with more knowledge about the requirements are in the latest release.


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