• This is another one of those gray zones but I was hoping you might help out.

    Here's the situation:

    1. I have a Bravia TV connected to either a Sony soundbar or AVR (doesn't matter which - both do the same thing).
    2. If I switch to the audio system rather than the TV speaker - the soundbar/AVR naturally starts up with audio
    3. If I increase/decrease volume via the remote - the soundbar/AVR naturally increases/decreases volume

    Here's the issue:
    If I issue a setAudioVolume on the TV - the soundbar/AVR doesn't get the information and doesn't increase/decrease volume. I know the setAudioVolume works fine because the TV speaker is set to that level (getVolumeInformation shows the new level) and if I switch back to the TV speakers, that volume level is the correct level.

    Doesn't matter if I issue setAudioVolume for a specific number or use the increment/decrement (+1/-1) - none of them get to the soundbar/AVR

    The interesting thing is that NON-Sony soundbar/AVRS work correctly. I'm assuming it switches to pure HDMI/ARC messages and a increment/decrement message is sent.

    However, it appears the Bravia detects a Sony Audio device on the other end of the HDMI/ARC/CEC and must be doing special extension messages (since it acts totally different than a non-Sony device and the TV is able to get information from the device itself [like sound settings]).

    Any thoughts on this?

    Note: also interesting is that the getSoundSettings({"target": "outputTerminal"}) on the BRAVIA doesn't properly identify the Sony Audio Device either (always returns 'speaker' even though we are connected to an 'audioSystem'). Interestingly, it works fine for non-sony AVRs/Soundbars correctly (returns 'audioSystem')...

  • I'm wondering if the output of the getCurrentExternalTerminalsStatus command changes when connecting the Sony branded soundbar via HDMI ARC? That is if the command is supported by the device.

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