HT-ST5000: Error 12 "No such method"

  • I've been trying to build something using an HT-ST5000 as a test unit, but almost none of the commands in the documentation actually work.

    Simple commands like getVolumeInformation returns an error 12.

    In fact, the only commands I've gotten to work from the whole documentation are getPowerStatus and setPowerStatus.

    Nothing else works.

    @David Is the HT-ST5000 listed as supported by mistake?

  • I tried getMethodTypes as proposed elsewhere on this forum and get next to nothing.


  • Please post your JSON and the URL that you are posting the JSON to. I'm guessing that you are sending the JSON to the wrong URL, i.e.{Lib} where {Lib} is one of system, audio, or avContent.

    Because error code 12 is "No Such Method".

    getVolumeInformation needs to be POSTed to the "audio" lib, i.e.

    Also, try getMethodTypes on the "audio" lib as well as the "avContent" lib and you should see a lot more method types. It looks like you're querying the "system" lib.

  • You are right, of course. I missed (skipped, probably) that part of the documentation.

    Everything seems to work fine now.

    Thanks a lot! Saved my weekend.

  • No worries. 👍

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