Guide to building, integrating and/or including drivers to SDK

  • Hey all,

    Been looking around for some direction on building the sdk with external drivers. I have a partial driver written for the esp8266EX but i have not been able to get it to integrate correctly. I noticed another post that danced around this topic but provided no useful information aside from users discussing the results...

    Apparently a ported version of the esp driver is floating around but i have yet to locate a git repo with access to this source code.

    I would much appreciate some instruction on the proper steps for integrating a driver, my hand coded or the elusive mystical esp ported driver i have seen mentioned in other posts and forums..

    Maybe i am just over thinking this.. Maybe i am missing something. I thought my years of experience with embedded and SOC would come in handy here but i keep going in circles..

    Steps i have completed:

    -setup/configured/flashed a test demo hello world app thru visual studio code extension.
    -tested a number of Arduino based (newb) code examples and verified my device is fully functional
    -setup build environments on both Linux and Win10 (msys)
    -used CLI (command line interface) for building application

    What i would like to educate myself on:

    -building latest SDK from source. <- i think i did this but not 100% it was done correctly
    -integrating custom driver for communicating with esp devices
    -integrating custom driver for communicating with FPGA device with custom gate logic
    -understand the sdk build process fully

    I have built many a code from source over the years... linux kernel, source files, drivers ect... In the past it has always been:

    download source - git, private repo, source download...
    satisfy dependencies - locate or download...
    read thru attached read me files for instructions
    run make command with proper includes with linked files ect
    hit enter...
    waited.. waited and waited some more lol...
    Poof -= make finished with 0 errors

    located freshly built files and enjoyed..

    Well.. So far this has not been the case.. I may be lost, i may be a bit ignorant in my understanding. but im hoping here i can find some answers...

    Maybe this is all covered in some read me or web document page i just have not found..

    Many Thanks
    -Furt Tech

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