SONY android tv will not play live stream (HBBTV application)

  • Hi..I am working on a OTT HBBTV application and we are currently in proces of testing app on many different tv's.
    We encountered a problem with 2 SONY android tv's from 2020 which behave differently.

    Our application can play various type of content (vod, live, aod). One of the newest models from 2020 will not play live stream. We are using DASH without drm. Player just throws a generic error.

    Player we are using is <object> tag approved by OIPF This is standard in HBBTV applications

    Models we had on test are:

    SONY Bravia KD-55XH9077 2020 Android 9 - HbbTV 1.5.1 (not working)
    SONY Bravia KD-XH9505 2020 Andoid 9 - HbbTV 1.5.1 (working)

    Any helpfull information about why this model can not play live streams would be wellcome.

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