Issue using feature/loadable with MSYS - WINDOWS10. NSH not starting

  • When following SDK example on creating loadable ELF from the tutorial after the flash operation and connecting serial terminal to Spresense the terminal shows:

    up_hardfault: PANIC!!! Hard fault: 40000000
    up_assert: Assertion failed at file:armv7-m/up_hardfault.c line: 148 task:
    up_registerdump: R0: 00000080 0d001a41 00000080 0d027f74 0d007461 00000000 0d027fa0 0d027fa0
    up_registerdump: R8: 0d00747d 00000000 0d027fa0 0d002487 0d000305 0d027f74 0d000305 0d000305
    up_registerdump: xPSR: 0d000333 BASEPRI: 0d027fa8 CONTROL: 00000000
    up_registerdump: EXC_RETURN: 0d023280
    up_dumpstate: sp: 0d027fa8
    up_dumpstate: IRQ stack:
    up_dumpstate: base: 0d028000
    up_dumpstate: size: 00000800
    up_dumpstate: used: 00000148
    up_stackdump: 0d027fa0: 0d000305 0d002543 0d027fa8 00000000 0d002487 0d000305 0d027f74 0d000305
    up_stackdump: 0d027fc0: 0d000305 0d027fd0 0d001a67 00000003 0d000305 0d001a6f 0d001a4d 0d00352b
    up_stackdump: 0d027fe0: 00000080 0d001a41 00000080 0d027f74 0d000305 0d000305 0d000305 0d000333
    up_dumpstate: sp: 0d001a41
    up_dumpstate: User stack:
    up_dumpstate: base: 0d000305
    up_dumpstate: size: 0d000305
    up_dumpstate: used: 0d000308
    up_dumpstate: ERROR: Stack pointer is not within the allocated stack
    up_stackdump: 00000000: 0d02b88c 0d00028d 0d000305 0d000305 0d000305 0d000305 0d030305 05cfbb60
    up_stackdump: 00000020: 00000014 0d000305 0d000305 0d000305 0d000305 0d000305 0d000305 0d000305

    What went wrong?

  • DeveloperWorld

    Hi @SantanaBEV

    Could you please provide more information on what example you tried and how you did it, all the significant steps you took.

    Thank you.

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