Forum guidelines

  • Guidelines for use of Developer World forum

    The purpose of Sony's Developer World forum is to host creative discussions related to development with the hardware and software featured on Sony's Developer World site. This may include specific questions to get development support, or open questions to initiate a discussion on a development topic. Note that support questions may be answered by community members who are not employees of - nor associated with - Sony. Hence, the accuracy of the information can not be verified before it’s posted.

    When posting questions and comments please pay attention to the following:

    • Before you post, check if the topic already exists. The forum quality will be better if duplicate threads are avoided.
    • When asking for development support, make sure you have tried all possible alternatives first. Enter a clear headline for your question. Then write with a description of your problem in the body of your post. Add screen shots, code snippets, debug outputs and other relevant information in order for the community to reproduce your issue.
    • Make sure your post is on the topic of development related to Sony’s hardware or software. If not, please publish your post on another suitable forum.
    • Be respectful and friendly.
    • Don’t use foul language.

    The team of Sony's Developer World moderates this forum based on above guidelines and user access may be revoked at any time in case of severe or repeated violations. For complete information, please review the Legal details. We encourage fruitful and creative discussions and hope you will find this forum useful for your development!

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