Control of FM Radio via API?

  • Hi. I see in the API that it is possible can seek forward or backwards for radio stations (using seekBroadcastStation v1.0), and also save the found station as a preset (using presetBroadcastStation v1.0). However, I do not see a method to select a preset to actually play it, or a method to jump to a specified broadcastFreq or broadcastFreqBand.

    Are there such methods? Thanks.

    EDIT: I figured out you can select presets by appending the preset number onto the URI with ?contentId=1 , e.g. "uri":radio:fm?contentId?1 using the setPlayContent v1.2 method.

  • DeveloperWorld

    To my knowledge there is no such method to set the radio directly. The only way to set it directly, that I know of, is via the presetBroadcastStation and then use setPlayContent to go to that preset as you have described.

    In the documentation I can't see any other valid "uri" than contnetId=X for radio, so it don't looks like you have something like "uri":radio:fm?frequency?XXXX unfortunatly.

  • Thanks @David.

    I'm having problems specifying a frequency using the presetBroadcastStation v1.0 function. If I specify a frequency to store, it is ignored. Even using the sample JSON on the docs webpage.

    Whether I specify the frequency, or if I omit the frequency line altogether, it simply stores the frequency that the STR-DN1080 is currently tuned to instead.

    This is suits me better actually. But this might confuse other developers as the specification in the documentation (and expected behaviour) works differently for method on this device. The receiver accepts the frequency integer without an error code - and the integer doesn't even need to be in the correct range for it to be accepted.

    This should really be mentioned in the method definition in the docs please.