Can't Play Multiple Mp3 in Spresense Audio Arduino Library

  • I am building an MP3 Player with my new Spresense development board. I will explain what is my requirement.
    I have a 3 button connected to the spresense development board :
    Previous / Stop or Play / Next

    I have 10 songs from "song1.mp3" to "song10.mp3"

    I need to play specific music according to the buttons input.

    I tried the Player examples in Arduino. But I can only play single music because the file is accessing in the setup function of the code. I tried to place the file calling code in loop function in a different method. But it will play the song for 3 sec then it got an error and stop playing music. Can anyone help me fast, please!

  • DeveloperWorld

    Hi @Suhail-P

    Could you share your code, music files and also the error log?
    That then we can try to reproduce this here and see how we can help you.