GNSS - When is Time Valid? - Enhance NavData.posFixMode?

  • Typically GNSS provide accurate Date/Time well before 3D Position Fix is achieved. Is there a simple API (Arduino) to determine whether Date/Time is valid? If not, how about adding a value to the enumeration SpFixMode for TimeIsValid that can be retrieved from NavData.posFixMode. Then a RealTimeClock could be set much earlier.

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    @m-Lewis The easiest way to check that the date and time are valid is:

    /* Check update. */
    if (Gnss.waitUpdate(-1))
      /* Get NaviData. */
      SpNavData NavData;
      /* Check date and time. */
      if (NavData.time.year > 1980)
        /* Date and time are valid */

    Best Regards,
    Kamil Tomaszewski

  • Great, thank you!

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