HT-ST5000 setPowerStatus

  • I am trying to use setPowerStatus, but is seems setting status = '' to act like the remote does not work for this device?

    If I use off and active, though, it works. Unfortunately when setting active it always launches the menu, instead of turning on to the last input, which is what I'm used to with the remote.

    Is there any workaround for this?

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    Hi @djensenius ,
    Unfortunately I don't have the HT-ST5000 at home to test. So I just tested on my HT-ZF9 and there it works as expected then I send {status: "active"} it starts with the last input.

    Have you tested what happens if you use the "Music Center" app (android / apple)?
    What happens if you have you device powered off and then open the device from the app?

    Can you post the messages you sending to your device?

    Using {status: ""} is only working on a few devices for me, then it works, it should not be any different from using "active"/"off" it is just toggling between them.

  • One workaround might be for the application to remember the previous input and then select it x seconds after issuing the command to 'power on'. I'm guessing the soundbar won't tell you the current input when it is in standby mode, but if it does you could query the current input before powering on instead of storing the last used input.

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