On-board LEDs aren't working

  • I'm using the spresense SDK and VS Code. I got the environment setup, a project built in a workspace, and the spk downloaded to the Spresense. It's supposed to be just a little blinky thing: it turns LED1 on and off 10 times. However, the LED doesn't turn on: none of them do. I updated the SDK options to use the "gpio" app at Nuttsh, and I can turn other pins on and off - clearly visible on the 'scope - but the on-board LEDs don't light. A USB cable is plugged in; an auxiliary power supply is plugged into the support board USB port, but no LEDs. The power LED is on, but not PIN_I2S1_BCK / GPIO_LED1 or the other three. Is there a particular option I need to enable in the SDK, or do I have a possibly damaged board?

    I did look at the source code in this example here, but there's nothing really different about it.


  • @aaronm well, pfft! 😕 Tobias Johansson kindly chatted with me and provided an spk to test out the LEDs, which worked, but using the source he provided, which wasn't significantly different from mine, I still couldn't get my LEDs to blink. After a pause to work on other things, I came back to this and turned various SDK configurations on and off - one at a time so I knew what I changed - and found that turning off the ARCH_LEDS setting enabled my program to control the on-board LEDs. I probably turned it on at first thinking it was related to LEDs and therefore necessary.

    Many Thanks! to Tobias.

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    @aaronm Awesome that you got it working and thanks for sharing your findings! 🙂

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