Upload multiple binaries for all cores at once - Spresense board - Arduino IDE

  • Hello everyone,

    I started using the Spresense board, and I managed to program all cores following the provided examples through the Arduino IDE. Currently, I need to flash each core separately, one by one.

    It's a little time-consuming, so I have a question regarding the possibility to upload multiple binaries for all cores at once: in the manual, it's specified that it might be possible to use a flash_writer tool for such a purpose. Is there any updates and or instructions on how to do it?

    Thank you very much for everyone you can help 🙂

    Best regards,

  • DeveloperWorld

    Hi @Ivan

    Unfortunately, this is not possible with the Arduino IDE. The reason is that when you create the firmware (.spk) for a new core, it overwrites the build of the previous core. This means that there is one .spk file for only one core at a time. Otherwise you could use the following command to upload multiple binaries for all cores at once:

    $ ./flash_writer -s -d -n <main spk file name>.spk <sub1 spk file name>.spk ...

    Best Regards,
    Kamil Tomaszewski

  • Hi @KamilTomaszewski,
    thank you very much for your reply, I now understand. What a pity that there is not an easy tool to do it 😕
    Best regards,

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