Request for new features for the Sony Audio Control API

  • Hello.

    I have been enjoying developing an app for the STR-DN1080 using this API. Thank you!

    If I may request your consideration of 2 additions to the API please:

    1). Chromecast built-in and soundFields

    Enable the selection of soundField's 2chStereo and MultiChStereo when the built-in Chromecast Audio device is selected. These 2 soundFields are the only 2 accessible for this input. The notes at the bottom of this page of the online help for the STR-DN1080 confirms this.

    The IR remote's '2ch/Multi' button can toggle between these two soundFields when using the Chromecast Audio, but the API cannot. For example:


    results in:

      "error": [
        "unsupported operation"
      "id": 8

    To confirm this discrepancy between the IR Remote and the API, the Sony 'Music Center' app greys out the 'Sound Field' option when this input is selected. The above JSON request succeeds on other inputs.

    2). Codec Information

    Being able to querying the STR-DN1080 for the codec, bitrate, frequency information of the audio stream that it is currently being decoded by the STR-DN1080. The only way to see the codec being decoded is to physically press the Display Mode button on the front panel of the AVR.

    As an aside, I'm mystified as to why Sony didn't assign the 'Display' button on the IR remote to this function, as the button seems almost redundant in my opinion.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration.

  • DeveloperWorld

    Thanks for your input, will use this as an input to hopefully improve future versions of the API

  • Great input sharing, I just trying it and improve version API

  • @david, supplementary suggestion/request:

    Can Sony please add the ability to replicate what the STR-DN10x0's front panel's "Display" button does in the API?

    The button toggles what is shown on the front panel's display. I don't think it's currently possible in the API. And as mentioned, the "Display" button on the physical remote does something else entirely. Thank you.

  • DeveloperWorld

    @grolschie I can't promise anything, I can only send feedback back to Japan. I have notified them about it, and now it is just a wait and see for me too...

  • @david, thank you. Much appreciated. 👍