NuttX Camera Example Configuration Options Missing

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    While working through the camera example, with the intention of sending the image/video data to my ILI9340(41) LCD, I noticed the following options were not present in the "camera-defconfig" file:


    Despite this, I added the missing configuration options in camera-defconfig (note I am using the extension board and omitted the param for the MAIN board). I then built, flashed, and ran the example. I did not receive output to my LCD, however Spresense wrote several "VIDEOxxx.YUV" files to the SD card (as would be expected if I didn't have an LCD). I can't say the example failed, it just did not operate per my expectations.

    My wiring is below, and has not changed from my (successfully) testing with the Arduino LCD+camera examples:

    Wiring: Display => Spresense:
    DC -> 9
    RST -> 8
    CS -> 10
    MOSI -> 11
    MISO -> 12
    SCK -> 13


    Any ideas as to how I can run this example with LCD output?

  • Update: I built/ran the NuttX "Hello World" graphics example successfully using my LCD, so at this time I am confident the hardware is connected & functioning correctly:

    FYI I also used the graphical/menu based configuration utility to setup the nxhello demo.

  • Update: I was able to run the NuttX camera example successfully the other day. Key points below, when using the tools/ -m menu:

    -- Ensure LCD SPI is selected in the Board Configuration menu
    -- Ensure the LCD Drivers, Video Device Support (camera), & Video Support drivers are selected in the Drivers menu
    -- Read through all the driver options in the menu! It is a useful exercise....

    Those notes may seem rudimentary, but I missed a few of those configuration options. Note I abandoned configuring the camera example using the command line (RE: issues in the first post). Also, I was able to successfully modify the camera example so that I have a simple "full speed" 320x240 video stream on the LCD.

    FWIW I don't consider the original post resolved, however I am no longer roadblocked....