Undocumented features of the Sony Audio Control API?

  • Hello. Are there any features that are still to be documented for this API? I see that Sony's 'Music Center' app can adjust the individual speaker volume levels on the STR-DN1080 but see no mention of this in the API.

    Also, are there any other devices that support the API (fully or partially), new releases or older models, that aren't listed? In particular I'm wondering if some older AVRs support the API to some extent, and if so, which models, and which functions please?

    Thanks in advance.

  • DeveloperWorld

    The Audio Control API is not fully documented, we are still evaluating if there is any other function to be published. Older models supports older versions of the API (almost all devices with network connection are supporting some version of this API), some functions are the same as the current (documented) functions others are using older versions that that take slightly different parameters. Unfortunately I don't have a list of the devices and what functions they support that I can share.

    Regarding the speaker volume there is a undocumented function audio/getSpeakerSettings v1.0
    "params": [{"target": XXX}]
    and a corresponding audio/setSpeakerSettings v1.0
    "params": [{"settings": [{"target": XXX, "value": XXX}]}]
    Hope this gives you enough of a hint to do what you want...

  • @david thanks for that. Is there a way to query the device to see what commands it supports?

    So, I am out of luck trying to support the STR-DN1070 for example then.

  • DeveloperWorld

    @grolschie The STR-DN1070 uses almost the same as STR-DN1080, for all the published API:s it should be the same I believe. To see supported functions and API version have a look at getSupportedApiInfo

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  • @david, thank you.

    I can see the list of commands. Once, I have found a command that I'm interested in, how do I query the syntax of said command?

    EDIT: I found I can use getMethodTypes (v1.0) with params of just "" to query each library (i.e. "http://{ipaddress}:10000/sony/avContent","http://{ipaddress}:10000/sony/system", etc).