Remotely powering up an EU model STR-DN1080?

  • Has anyone successfully gotten an EU model STR-DN1080 to wake up remotely, either with Wake On LAN or by other means such as the API?

    I found this Stack Overflow post but was wondering if anyone has had success? And if so, some tips would be greatly appreciated please.

    Does it only work for AVR's connected via Ethernet, or also WiFi?

  • Success with my APAC model. Some information for those interested:

    • Remote Start needs to be activated for Wake On LAN to work. This is apparently not supported for EU models though!
    • Wake On LAN does work with both Ethernet and WiFi

    What's not clear now is how to remotely tell which network interface is currently being used by the receiver (Ethernet or WiFi). getSystemInformation (v1.4) doesn't provide this information. However, I could always send a WOL packet to both MAC addresses.

    Any ideas on how to enable WOL for EU models?

  • We have a contradiction regarding WOL / Remote Start in Sony's documentation.

    The Audio Control API says:
    alt text

    But the user manual says:
    alt text

    And apparently Remote Start is missing from the EU model.

  • Unfortunately it don't looks like it is possible to enable WoL for EU version of STR-DN1080 (what I have found it works for all other models, including older models of the STR-DNXXXX). The device is decelerating that it supports WoL then you do UPnP SSDP, but I have never got it to work.
    I will clarify in the Audio Control API docs that this is not working for STR-DN1080 EU model.

    The only way I have found to wake the EU STR-DN1080 remotely is via Bluetooth.

    There was one other suggestion for a work around and that is to have one of the "non main"/unused zones powered on then the device will never truly go to standby mode, but I could never get it to work reliable.

  • @david thanks for the info.

    Interestingly, someone has managed to turn on the ability to wake from network using the API with the EU model. He enabled this feature by using an Android app that had a setting to enable what they label "WOL". After doing so, he could power up his EU receiver up using my app which just uses the API and not WOL.

    I wonder what command the app is giving the receiver to switch this feature on?

  • @grolschie Sorry have not seen any setting in the documentation where I could set WoL.
    It sounds like the same result as having another zone powered on should be like, even if it hasn't worked for me, since this in theory should keep the network powered on, and there for be able to connected to.

  • @david sorry, my mistake. It was Network Standby that the app was enabling, not Wake On LAN.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @david Are you able to tell me which command Sony's 'Music Center' app uses to enable Network Standby, please?

    UPDATE: I found getPowerSettings(v1.0) / setPowerSettings(v1.0)

  • Egad! I can see why Sony didn't include Network Standby on EU models! The product specifications page says that with Network Standby enabled, power consumption is a mere 1.5 watts, all networks connected. In reality, it's well over 30 watts! I measured mine today after other people had already done the same!!!!

    The good news is that Wake On LAN does work with the WiFi, and disabling Network Standby and enabling Remote Start reduces standby power consumption to a mere 2.5 - 3 watts. But you lose the quick start and the ability for Chromecast apps and Spotify:Connect to turn on the receiver.

    But 31 - 35 watts on Network Standby?! I reckon there's a firmware bug there, or Sony have misrepresented the power consumption of this receiver, or have made a terrible mistake somewhere?!

    The EU regulations state that Network Standby has to consume less than 13 watts, which way more than what the specifications say (1.5w) for this receiver anyway. Hmmm.....

  • So it turns out that Network Standby can be turned on for EU models using just the API! I don't have an EU model to test, but someone tested my app. This probably means Sony's API method (setPowerSettings) is breaching EU rules, right?

    Should we be detecting the region of the AVR somehow before offering this feature? Although, one is merely using the API methods provided by Sony.

  • Hi @grolschie

    Thank you for this. I've managed to work out most of how to get info out of my 1080 Eu model receiver but I'm stuck on the last hurdle.

    If I call getPowerSettings(1.0) I can see the quickStartMode and wolMode commands.

    But I can't get the syntax right for the setPowerSettings(1.0) !

    I've tried a number of things but here's where I'm up to;

    "method": "setPowerSettings",
    "id": 55,
    "params": [
    "version": "1.0"

    But that is an illegal argument.

    Is there any help you can give regarding this? I'm trying to enable remote start / wol on the EU version and I believe the API can do this... Thx !

  • @cjb @grolschie

    I literally worked this out a minute after posting this.

    I missed off settings [] within the argument and now it works.


  • @cjb The two Settings parameters needed are "target" and "value", which you probably already have discovered. Remember, power consumption is over 30w when powered off when Network Standby is enabled. Heat might increase too! Sony have now removed the 1.5w from the website specs now. Hmmm....

    My prediction is that 'Network Standby' for EU models will disappear with the next firmware update. I wish they would enable Wake On LAN (called "Remote Start" by Sony) for EU models instead because it uses very little power! The setting ("wolMode") can be enabled via the API on EU models, but the hardware does nothing.