How to insall software correct for Spresense Audio-Scope

  • I have attached the KMR-1.8 SPI correctly,and it lights up. But when I trie to run the scope examle the IDE says that there is a compilation error.
    The problem is that i don't get the library file installed right.
    I tried to install the ZIP-file Hackster-Project-Master, this should contain the Spresense library file, but it doesn't.
    I also dont understand how it works with step by step 'Git' works with GitHub.
    When I trie to downoad with git:

    $ git clone --recursive

    I get permission denied.
    I just Cloned or Downloaded everything from the following site:

    I cant find the folder spresense-audio-scope/arduino-lib/ and import TFT.
    How does it works and what am I doing wrong?

    With Kind Regards,

  • DeveloperWorld

    Hi @JCPStevens

    I followed your description and to get this to work correctly you have be able to clone this repository without errors:

    $ git clone --recursive

    I don't know why you get a permission denied.
    You could try to use https too and see if it helps:

    $ git clone --recursive

  • Probably I get an error message when I try the git command because the ZIP download already exists. I thougt that the library file wasn't installed.
    But the next problem is that the example Sketch audio_scope already gives an error message by compiling it, and I don't have the knowledge to understand the code completely.
    Until now I thougt that the Sketch wouldn't work because the required library wasn't available.
    I have taken over the Sketch litterally from the Sony Spresense Sample Projects tutorials.
    What is here going wrong?

    Already thanks for the effort,
    greets Marc.

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