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  • Hi there, good to see the new doc regarding low power consumption on the Spresense Site, it was quite clear and detailed, I liked it a lot, keep it that way.

    My question has to do with safety (Spresense Safety!), because while I get some LiPo batteries I am about to use these batteries (see the link), is it safe to use Ion batteries ? (I know their performance is worse than LiPo)

    Each one of these is a 3.7v 2200mAh I think one should be enough for what I want to do, but in any case, I could add another one in parallel.

    They look Scary, Do I have your Ok to proceed ?

    Lithium TNT

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    Hi @CGM11 ,

    I can't give you an official "go" from Sony for your configuration (safety policies and regulations).

    But I can advice and lift that there is an increased risk by combining multiple cells in parallel.
    The "Battery University" site have a site that provides information about this.

    Hope this will help you to take the most suitable decision for your project.

  • Thanks for the link and advice @TE-KarlKomierowski . I just need to do a quick and dirty demo without burning the Spresense in the process. I won't use those batteries on real deployments because they can easily leak toxic fluids.


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